Hey Fam,

It’s cold, people are travelling and the air isn’t the best. Our fam has done a great job getting outdoors when we can and staying moving indoors thanks to our amazing fam partners.

Some of you may have been playing w some bands recently for strength and resistance with:

Ruben (The North Face, IHP) in cages (Need vpn)


Participants enjoy the toys and it gives us another dynamic to our workout and allows us to balance more “pull” activities along with all of our push.


For the holidays Ruben has offered Fitfam a basic 4 week stay fit anywhere workout that you can do at home or while travelling to keep you active during the holiday if you like. All he asks is that you get yourself a band you feel comfortable with and commit to doing the program.


Leaders are also welcome to incorporate bands into their workouts if they like, and can offer non band options for those who are new or don’t have them.


Band exercises are already on our Youku page, if you're using a laptop please watch them by clicking the links below directly, or DOWNLOAD THIS PDF on the mobile phone. (Note: The links from PDF may not work very well as the links that shows on the laptop page, if it doesn't work, please open this page on the PC. https://www.fitfamshanghai.com/band. )


Home Holiday Workout


BodyWeight /JC Bands Predator or bands with similar 

Triple orange  (MEN) or triple Pink (WOMEN ) 

METHOD: Functional Training

FOCUS: Total Body / Core


Options we found for you to buy YOUR band 拉力绳购买备选

1. Professional JC band 专业JC拉力绳

https://weidian.com/item.html?itemID=2130649767&pc=1&wfr=c_wxh5&ifr=shopdetail&spider_token=72e9&spider=seller.item_classes.content.2&state=H5WXshareOld&share_relation=fbead81efca88f2a_1250387082_1&from=groupmessage&isappinstalled=0  Wechat Store 微店



2. Saluko

https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=544694028764&ali_refid=a3_430582_1006:1103172625:N:%E6%8B%89%E5%8A%9B%E7%BB%B3:fa9adf14110b3e392a815523b0dca28f&ali_trackid=1_fa9adf14110b3e392a815523b0dca28f&spm=a230r.{544694028764} Tianmao天猫商城


            How to buy with a 5 RMB discount 如何使用优惠券购买

           1. Click the tmall link above or click here. 


           2. Choose the package you like, according to different pounds of each band. (The length of band is 1.2 m, and 4 m after pull enough)


           3. Talk to the vendor on Wang Wang, the taobao internal communication app, and put “Fitfam” as the code, then you’ll get a 5 RMB coupon from the vendor. You’ll get a coupon for most of the packagesexcept for the one which values 28 RMB.

               在旺旺里告诉卖家优惠码:Fitfam, 然后你会收到一个五元的优惠券。除了28元的女士9件套,其他产品均可享五元优惠。









         4. Check out. 购买

3. Shan Lian 山联户外



No discount, please choose the ones over than 1.2 meters. 无折扣,请购买1.2米以上的拉力绳


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