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FitFam is a Free Fitness Community; we believe that fitness should be available to all, no matter who you are or where you are.
We are students, interns, teachers, entrepreneurs, and high-level executives. We are mothers, fathers and grandparents.
We are Shanghai natives, and recent transplants from around the world.
We all sweat together. 
Born from a dedicated group of volunteers who share a love of fitness, community and hard work,
FitFam at present has grown to 22 locations across Shanghai, 3 locations in Beijing, 1 in Kuala Lumpur and 1 in Grenoble, we are where you are.
We are a community who holds each other accountable to show up and give your best, no matter what your level is.
We are triathletes, cyclists, yogis, never-been-to-a-gym-before-newbies, college athletes, Spartans, marathon runners,
dancers, and the roommate-who-you-dragged-out-of-bed.
We are your family, friends, and motivators.
Whether you can do 1 burpee, or 50, we’re going to cheer you on and make you work harder than you thought possible.
Our workouts are about bringing people together, and living a healthy lifestyle. Many of our workouts are based on
High-Intensity Interval Training/ Body weight strength and conditioning philosophy which alternates between intense
bursts of activity using your own body weight and fixed periods of active rest.
We also offer a variety of yoga classes and running sessions.

Our workouts are accessible to everyone; no equipment, no previous experience required

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wechat: shallshallwei

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