Hey Fam,

It’s cold, people are travelling and the air isn’t the best. Our fam has done a great job getting outdoors when we can and staying moving indoors thanks to our amazing fam partners.

Some of you may have been playing w some bands recently for strength and resistance with:

Cory for hip activation and marathon training

Diana Ellis our elite skyscraper trainer from NYC who came to visit when she competed in Shanghai

Options we found for you to buy YOUR Mini-band 弹力绳购买备选

1. iVIM/爱活力

2. TTCZ black

3. TTCZ colore


English 英文:


wechat vy_ness


Chinese 中文/ English 英文:


wechat: shallshallwei

Tel 电话号码: +86 13671674415

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